Smart Cameras

Everything is getting “smart” lately and cameras are not left out.

One of the reasons the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world is that people always have it with them and can instantly do something with the photos. Eye-fi cards were a step in the right direction (I love mine) but now we can go even further. For the same reasons that Polaroid cameras were insanely popular (you could take a photo and hand it to someone instantly), now “smart” cameras fill that same role. Samsung has been releasing a new line of mirrorless DSLR with the Android operating system built in for instant photo sharing. It nicely fills in the gap between the convenience of instantly sharing from a smartphone and the image quality of a full sized camera. While checking your email on a camera might be a tad redundant, connecting direct to Flickr is spectacular. Thus far Samsung appears to be the only ones out there working on this, but Canon and Nikon can’t be far behind ….

Check it out!

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