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2021 20/Mar

Alex Vissia is an Edmonton-based alt-pop and folk musician. Her solo project VISSIA’s 2021 album With Pleasure  needed a cover shot that was bright and colourful. More at vissiamusic.com.

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2020 23/Nov

Real Talk is a daily news and current affairs talk show based in Edmonton, Alberta hosted by Ryan Jespersen. I provide all technical oversight for the show including pre/post production of audio and video elements, live audio and video mixing, working with ensuring connections to remote guests and manage the livestream. Additionally, I maintain a small […]

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2020 21/Sep

Virtual tours of the W.G. Hardy Classics Museum and Ann Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection at the University of Alberta. Tours were created using series of spherical panoramas, and on-site video and created in collaboration with Adam Kidd.

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2019 25/Aug

“iso:” (“in search of”) is an experimental dance production created for the 2019 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. It features a narrative sci-fi dance performance paired with immersive technical elements and video projection. Throughout this project I was responsible for shooting and art direction of promotional portraits. I was the technical coordinator and producer of the […]

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2018 2/Jul

Kelley, a contemporary fusion bellydancer, needed some new promotional portraits. This involved an on-location setup with some reflectors and an amber-gelled speedlite positioned behind her to really make her hair pop on the blue backdrop.

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